Welcome to Jinan Jingwei CNC Equipment Co., Ltd

Lin Yi CNC machinery, eliminate production errors, easily increase output

Our products mainly cover furniture production line equipment, plus a full range of five-axis three-dimensional Machining centers, CNC Panel Saw series, engraving and milling machining center series, different specifications processing Centre and engraving machine and other mechanical equipment, widely used in furniture, custom cabinets wardrobes, five Axis of the three-dimensional processing, solid wood furniture and other non-NC field.

Lin Yi CNC machinery, high quality products

Our quality standard positioning and synchronization Europe, the world's top standard product line components, Is the very small number of CNC machining equipment for processing all mechanical parts manufacturers, with the first Advanced processing and assembly process, and strict quality control process checks, to provide users with long Stable and reliable use of industrial equipment.

Lin Yi CNC machinery, rich experience in production

We are able to provide a very small number of professional equipment manufacturers, our self Cutting CNC-drilling center is expected to open, automatic linear edge banding machines and high-speed CNC machining center row drilling, Combined with flexible automation software custom furniture production line, you can really tailor Package solution plate wardrobe cabinets production, will incorporate customized large-scale production.

Lin Yi CNC machinery, full range of services to customers

A sound service system and training mechanism, so you greater ease!
Free on-site installation and commissioning.
Listen to 24-hour service hotline. Monthly telephone interviews, free to provide you with guidance and Q & A.
Equipment maintenance for life, under normal use, equipment warranty for one year。
From the fault repair process to repair completion time, not exceeding 72 hours.
Each year to provide you with a free on-site maintenance   

Jinan Jingwei CNC Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in the research development production of high CNC products such as woodworking processing center, five-axis maching center, CNC woodworking engraver, mould processing center, CNC plasma engraver and plasma cutting machine. Our company is one of the rare and precious non-metal industrial CNC machines' maker with independent developing capacity. ...
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